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Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh May 15, 2024

₹3,000 / month Renting

CategoryHostel, Girls Hostels
Number of bedrooms1
Number of bathrooms1
Price₹3,000 / month

 Girls hostel 2 seater rooms offering a budget-friendly living option with all essential amenities including chair, mattress, curtain, bed, almira, light, fan, and more. With a common kitchen and geyser, you can cook and refresh with ease. Plus, for a nominal extra charge, enjoy the comfort of a cooler during hot days.

At our property, you can count on uninterrupted services like 24*7 electricity, water, security, and even Wi-Fi. With CCTV surveillance, your safety is our priority. Daily maid and sweeper services from 8 am to 9 am ensure cleanliness, while our open garden and terrace provide a serene space for relaxation and walks. 


  • Food is not included 
  • Electricity charges are not included in the rent.
  • It will be mandatory for the student to provide her ID proof and address proof while taking admission to the hostel.
  • All the female students must come to the hostel by 8:30 pm.
  • It is mandatory to deposit the hostel fee monthly from the 1st to the 5th of every month, otherwise late fee of Rs 20 per day will have to be paid, if not paid it will be deducted from your caution money. IT will be the responsibility of the students to get the receipt if the hostel fee is paid online or sent by someone else.
  • Sitting in the common room and roaming around the campus at night , prohibited after 11:00 pm
  • Neither can any boy come to meet any girl students nor can any girl students stand at the gate of the hostel and talk to any boy. If this is found then a complaint will be made to the parents.
  • The students must switch off all the lights and fans in their room before leaving the room. Otherwise, you will pay the fine.
  • The students will not spread excess water or wash their appearance.
  • The students must sign the attendance register by 8 pm.
  • The students will have to send a message to a hostel group to go to her home or locally to a relative’s place for the night. The address and contact number of the place will have to be given.
  • If any student has any complaint or problem , then she should group message her name and room number.
  • No student will use a heater or boiler in the room.
  • If the tube light, CLF , Bulb, and Cooler pump get damaged during the student's stay in the room, then it will be the student's responsibility.
  • Information about leaving the hostel in writing . must be paid a month in advance . if you stay in the hostel till the 2nd the full month's rent will be charged . Month caution money will not be refunded if prior information is not given.
  • The hostel owner or the hostel warden will not be responsible or liable in any way for any kind of accident or any other problem of the female students outside the hostel.
  • Rs 200 for someone staying with a girl student in the hostel. Daily charges will have to be paid . And it will be mandatory for the incoming students to give their ID.
  • If any student wants to take a cooler, then taking it for a minimum of 4 months  (One Session ) will be compulsory . Fire if a student wants to take a cooler in the room , then it is mandatory for the roommate to take a cooler.

  • If any student spreads garbage in the street after cleaning the hostel , then the student will have to clean it herself or the student will be fined a Rs 100 fine will have to be paid.
  • If using the common kitchen , the students will have to clean their own gas and sink.
  • If all the above rules are not followed the hostel management will fine the student . If a girl student falls ill she will be paid Rs 100 during the day in the hospital and Rs 200 if she falls ill at night. The hostel management will have to pay and the hospital expenses will have to be borne by yourself.
  • Any student is prohibited from plucking flowers in the garden.
  • If any student is using a chair in the garden , then after using it, keep the chair back in its place and do not spread garbage in the garden.
  • Online food in the hostel is ordered it before 10 p.m. Delivery boys will not come inside after 11 o'clock .
  • Students should protect their own belongings inside the room . Hostel Prabandhan will not take any responsibility for this . The hostel management has the right to make the student vacate the hostel without assigning any reason .
  • It is mandatory to follow all the above conditions . In case of non-compliance, the hostel warden will have the right to impose a financial penalty, confiscate the entire caution money of the student, and expel her from the hostel.




Garden / Park

Yoga/Meditation Area

Gated Community

CCTV Camera Security

24*7 water Supply

24*7 Electricity

Parcel Lockers

Power Backup


Thatipur, Gwalior, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

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